I had the previlage of having my cataract surgery at TMS Hospital done by our Dr.Sid. Technology has advanced leaps and bounds in opthalmology. Surgery is done without injection, cuts and anesthesia except for few eye drops. During and after the surgery, there was no pain, irritation or burning sensation. Eyes were cool like cucumber, through a miniscue opening, the cataract was removed and lens is inserted with precision. Beyound all these is the element called Human friendship - Sid and Lakshmi were. So magnanimous exhibiting the spirit of friendship, for which Table and 41'rs stand for. They were so caring considerative that I am over-whelmed, I have no words to express my gratitude. Salutations to Sid and Lax.


August 2014

Madam, Good evening, My parents are very much satisfied, the service quality has improved. Dr.Sujay is very kind and accurate in his diagnosis. He is good for elderly patients too. God bless.

Prof. Immanuel.


First time I am there at hospital as a patient attendee. Good satff dedication. Each does their job well. In a matter of 15-20 mins - we were done with all tests. Met Dr.Siddarth - he is the coolest doc yo / be it his white and white combo formals or his Buddha approach and talk. Mom felt so happy and safe.


April 1994

"If you keep your eyes towards the sunshine you cannot see the shadow". - Hellan Killer -

I was very impressed with the standard of cleanliness, the efficiency, warmth & friendliness of the Doctors & staff. We found the Doctors & staff very well qualified & trustworthy & concerned. Nothing the heart gives away is lost it is kept in the hearts of others.

We thank you so much & best wishes.


May 1995

I feel, it a great privilege to have visited the hospital. The services are excellent and the care that is being taken of the patient is superb. I wish this institution a great success in future.

M. Saikumar, IAS

May 1995

I feel so proud to see one of the Nethraya family build such a beautiful hospital, so efficiently managed, so recently maintained and so competently manned (and woman). I wish you a glorious future.

Prema Padmanathan.

August 2000

Thank you very sincerely, Dr & Mrs. Siddharth for your kind gesture in accepting to operate on Lourdu's eye. I appreciate very much your service to the poor and god will bless you for all you do for people.

Anbu Illam

November 2003

I am search of words to thank you for your kind enquiry about my health. I wonder the strain that you took in caring the patient. You can order your staff to inform the patients about your programme. Without doing so you personally took care to enquire about the patient's health and to inform you programme. No Doctor will do such thing. Your treatment is fine so that only government recognized your hospital for treatment of their staff.

I am writing this letter only to show my gratitude to you. In telling the fact, you will be encouraged to do more to the deserving people. Actually many people who got their sight by your operations may wish to thank you in person. But by routine, they are nothing do so.

As an elderly man, I pray the Lord to give you and your family a Prosperous, healthy life for a long years to serve the blinds for getting their sights.

Fairlands, Salem-16.

October 2004

Thank you very much for the 'Cure & Care' extended to my Father-in-law while at hospital. This is not a formal notebut written with deep gratitude for all the love & concern you have shown to all of us. We really appreciate your wonderful ways.

God bless & keep smiling.


May 2005

Very kind, respectful & patient. Very much satisfied with treatment. Congrats & Thanks.


September 2005

I have undergone for Cataract surgery in your Hoapital and operated on my right eye with IOL on 5-7-2005. I have also followed up the eye drops for nine weeks as per your advice and it is completed on 13-9-2005. Now my eye sight is normal and also bright. I have no side effects due to this surgery. I have also changed my spectacle as per your prescription.

I wish to inform that the hospitality shown on us by your staff during the period of treatment was very very cordial and appreciable. The maintenance of the hospital is very good. The premises of the hospital is spacious is kept very neat and clean. The staffs who are serving in reception and testing are also very sincere and their approach is appreciable. Kindly circulate this letter among all of your staff, so as to enable them to continue their dedicated and sincere service to the public.

NGGO'S Colony, Salem-3.

October 2005

The exhibition obviously reveals the immense pains taken by Dr. Siddharthan & Mrs. Siddharthan. A good exposure to the public educating them about eye care, eye donation, tips for eye care and other aspects.A really appreciable and good work.

Ranjini, B.T. Assistant,
Sri Saradha Vidhyalaya,

October 2005

The exhibition is more informative about the eye care, etc. It shows the latest development happened about the eye treatment etc,. Really the attempt has to be applauded and welcome and this should be regular in future.

Thangammal Nagar
Alagapuram, Salem-16.

October 2005

This is the excellent program for everyone. Our schools are learned lot from this exhibition.

Sri Vidhya Mandir School

October 2005

Excellent exhibition is proving goodness for all humanity.

Vinayaka Mission Medical College,

October 2005

Informative, excellent, got motivation to donate our eyes & how to take care of our eyes.

Ruchi Math,
Vinayaka Mission Medical College

October 2005

This program is super, we liked it and we enjoyed it also and above all that we got little information & knowledge about eye & how to protect that and we can give eye or vision to the blind person by donate our eyes.

Supriya Arami

October 2005

Today by this camp we really got few important information. That we some kinds miss in our medical studies. I wish you can make many more camps over the other organs, so that people can get the precious knowledge about their own life & body organ. So that they can pledge to donate their organ.

Sushura Sarkar

October 2005

Excellent exhibition. I got lots of knowledge about my eyes. Madam gave contact lens. Knowledge is very nice. After seeing this exhibition, I motivate for donate my eye. I got more information about our eyes.

Abrish Kumar Yadav
Vinayaka Mission Medical College

October 2005

This programme is very useful to know us the normal anatomy of the eye and refractive errors of the eye, surgical correction of the eye determines, and we know about cataract causes, clinical and surgical management of cataract and different types of ophthalmic tense.Thanking you to give this golden opportunity to TMS Eye Hospital.

Nursing Students,
Govt. M.K.M.College & Hospital

Febraury 2006

The hospital is very clean and neat. I am coming from Dharmapuri till 1991 for eye check up. The way of approaching is very nice. So keep it up. God bless you Dr. and Mrs.Siddharthan.

November 2006

Personal care & courteous approach to patient by the Doctor needs special mention & highly laudable and goes long way in soothing of the patient. Administration caters to the demands of the needy. Staff members do their best. Our best wishes for a prolonged service to humanity.